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Top trends for SEO in 2018

As we approach the end of 2017, it’s time to prepare your digital marketing team for the year ahead and look at the emerging trends that will rule the search world in 2018. This is a summary I’ve created with bullet-proof strategies and tested practices that I’ve...

Beyond voice search… let’s make your website talk ?

Hi, hello everyone. We're having an incredibly gratifying first year and I've already presented WordLift and our AI-driven SEO this year at the Data Driven Innovation Day in Rome, at The Next Web Conference and SEMANTiCS 2017 in Amsterdam. Every time I accept to give...

Crafting Texts in the Age of Fragmented Reader Experience

Entering the realm of cyberspace, reading and writing change, changing us and the way we perceive text. New modes of interacting with the written word emerge and further exist in brand new environments, across brand new digital surfaces and spaces. Given the bursts of...

Make the best out of your content with WordLift 3.15

Some of the content on your website truly represents the essence of your business and is designed to deliver your message to a broader audience. These authoritative pieces of content provide the best and most detailed description of a topic you care about. In...

Build Your Own Graph and Make Your Website Talk

Findability really is a key topic these days if you work with content and if you’re wondering how to leverage on conversational UIs and artificial intelligence. Whether you are creating content that can easily be picked up by Personal Digital Assistant like Google...

How an expert professional SEO evolves in the age of AI

How the semantic web (r)evolution is affecting the daily work of SEO specialists? In this article, you are going to meet the English SEO Specialist Mark Bryce-Sharron and learn from his story why semantics is a game-changing science when applied to the optimization of...

SEMANTiCS 2017: what happens when Artificial Intelligence meets SEO

The vision of organizing content and creating - out of millions of web pages - a Giant Global Graph was groundbreaking. When Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s blogged about it back in 2007 it was clear that something was happening. Giant Global Graph (GGG) really was...